Activity Guide Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 100

Ackerman SFC • Ackerman SFC • Ackerman SFC • Ackerman SFC • Ackerman SFC PERSONAL TRAINING Our certified personal trainers will design a program that meets your specific fitness needs. They can help you reach and/or maintain your goal by guiding you through safe, productive, supervised workouts. All clients receive a free fitness testing and evaluation during the first session. The evaluation is an important tool that helps trainers create the most effective program for you. The evaluation includes: • Body Fat Analysis • Cardiovascular endurance test • Flexibility analysis • Upper/lower body strength • Abdominal strength • Lean body mass MEET OUR PERSONAL TRAINERS BRETT LOVE: Brett is a Certified Personal Trainer by Fitness Education and holds a Bachelors degree in Fitness and Sports. With both high school and collegiate level playing experience, he has the credentials to train and coach players to take their skills to the next level. ERIC SU: He started personal training in 2001 helping people in their homes after graduating from Purdue University in 1999. Since 2001, he has served and helped over 500 people. He holds a certified personal trainer certification through NFPT (National Federation of Professional Trainers) as well as a TRX certification. SPORT-SPECIFIC TRAINING PATTI LAWLER: Patti believes consistency is the key to success and ALWAYS have a game plan. She has been a personal trainer for 7 years and holds a certification through NESTA as a certified personal trainer. BASKETBALL TRAINING Sign up for private lessons from Skill Development Coach Brett Love. Brett has high school and collegiate level playing experience with the credentials to train players to take their skills to the next level. STACEY LIM: Stacey knows the importance in motivation. Exercising should be fun, never dull, and still gets you results. SCW Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness enthusiast. VOLLEYBALL TRAINING STAN EMMERT: For the past 12 years, Stan has been training clients in New York and Chicago. He holds ACE and NASM certifications for Personal Training and Performance Enhancement. Stan believes in body transformation through diet and exercise. PERSONAL TRAINING PACKAGES All-State Coach Christine Giunta-Mayer from Glenbard West offers private lessons to any student-athlete/athletes that wants to focus on specifics of their game. Boys and Girls 5th grade through College are given an opportunity to learn from Coach Giunta-Mayer and work on their game. Registration taken at Ackerman SFC Front Desk. Once sessions are paid for, Coach will contact you to set up days and times that work for you. FREE fitness assessment with a trainer available to new members. Prices subject to change. See the front desk to setup your sessions. 30 Minute M/NM Fee (1 person) 1 Hour M/NM Fee (1 person) 1 Hour M/NM Fee (2 people)** 1 Session $29/$49 $45/$60 $35/$53 3 Sessions $84/$126 $130/$175 $100/$150 6 Sessions $150/$225 $255/$340 $188/$282 12 Sessions $282/$423 $500/$638 $351/$528 20 Sessions $420/$630 $800/$1,050 $554/$823 Number of Sessions ** Fees are listed per person. 100 Single 1-Hour Lesson: $70* Small Group (2-3 Athletes) 1-Hour Lesson: $100 Large Group (4-5 Athletes) 1-Hour Lesson: $140 *Lessons may be broken into half hours when scheduled. NUTRITION COUNSELING Meet one-on-one with Karen Johnson, R.D., L.D.! As our in-house Dietitian, Karen is ready to help you set up your plan for success. Whether you are looking to lose weight or make healthier choices, schedule an appointment today! Fee: $55/hour or $150/package of 3.