Activity Guide Autumn 2018 - Page 22

HAPPY CAMPERS AUGUST SUMMER CAMPS NEW End of Summer Day Camp Age: 6-12 Spend the last week of your summer vacation at the Park District! We’ll keep campers busy with fun crafts and activities all week long. We’ll also be taking a field trip on Monday, Wednesday and Friday! End of Summer Day Camp runs Monday-Friday, 8:45A-4:15P. Register early as spots are limited. Please visit for camper information forms and camp schedule. Min/Max: 10/40. [JM] Held at Main Street Recreation Center CODE DAY DATE SESSION TIME R/NR FEE PER DAY 112589 M-F M-F M-F 8/20-8/24 8/20-8/24 8/20-8/24 Pre-Camp Day Camp Post-Camp 7-8:45A 8:45A-4:15P 4:15-6P $10/$15 $40/$60 $10/$15 Age: 5-10 Inspired by NASA and Star Wars, join us on an adventurous journey through space! Whether it’s rogue spaceships, droids & speeders with attitude, or strange looking aliens you’re into, we’ll have lots to build in this Lego-filled Rouge Adventure. Come experience this stellar journey to a galaxy far away as we test our master building skills with various motorized creations and figure builds from rebel fighter to R2D2 and many more! Camp also includes dynamic activity stations with Lego zip lines, 3D figure builds, and daily take-home crafts & more! Min/Max: 8/20. [JM] Held at Main Street Recreation Center CODE DAY DATE CLS TIME R/NR FEE 112307 M-F 8/20-8/24 Five 1-4P $175/$262 NEW Back to School Sewing Camp NEW Bricks 4 Kidz: City Engineers & Architects Camp Age: 5-10 Explore the structures and landscapes of a city: using LEGO® bricks! Using our proprietary kits and model plans, campers will construct one-of-a-kind LEGO® City models. Our specialized model plans incorporate beams, gears, axles, motors, battery packs and other technic LEGO® components. At Bricks 4 Kidz camps, we u HQ˜XZ[[X^[ܛو[[H\Y]Hو^][[Y\][YH[[[SKY[XYX]]Y\[XZ[]“Q[ݚ[Y[ˈ\ܙX]]H[\X]\HQX QZ[[ܚ^YXXQڙXZ[HZHYHܘY˜[[ܙHH[[\\[YH]H\HZ[HY\H]B[وHYZHZ[X^ ̌ ғWB[]XZ[Y]XܙX][ۈ[\HVHUHSQHӔQBLL KQ ̌ N ̍]HPKLL MK UX YYH[[Y\[[\YNKLLYH[XXH[\][[[\\YZYܙH\ˈXZHXYY[H]\XHڙX܈[\^K[BX\وۈݙ[XX[[\][XX[HY[H]HۙK[H[[\HۙHو\][XX[\YYYY \\H[\܈[X[]H][ˈ[X܎X\H[]X^KZ[X^ KғWB[][][YHXܙX][ۈ[\HVHUHSQHӔQBLLNHKU ̌ N ̌\NKLL MK