Activated Carbon Market Research Report and Trends Forecasts 2022 Activated Carbon Industry Overview, Trends - Page 3

Activated Carbon Market: 2017 Global Industry Trend, Profit, and Key Manufacturers Analysis Report The Chinese activated carbon market will feature the following: • • • • • Good prospects for activated carbon regeneration market, largely because: 1) mishandling of ineffective waste carbon will cause secondary pollution; 2) the costs of incineration and buying new carbon are far higher than that of activated carbon regeneration; 3) regenerated activated carbon produces only one-fifth of the carbon dioxide that the new activated carbon produces. Market demand for coconut shell-based activated carbon continues to grow. Ever-growing environmental pollution increase the application of activated carbon in air and water purification fields. However, due to insufficient resources and stringent environmental protection, the demand for coal-based activated carbon trends down and thus provides certain space for growth in coconut shell-based activated carbon. The application of activated carbon in environmental protection field will expand, typically, recovery of organic solvents, desulfurization & denitrification, adsorption & concentration and catalytic combustion of organic vapors, sewage treatment, deep purification, etc. Request here to get discount on this report @