Acoustic Solutions Acoustic Solutions Brochure - Page 6

hush acoustics Sheer Blind Fabric Like the Hush Acoustics Sheer Drapery Fabric, Materialised range of Hush Acoustic Sheer Blind Fabric absorbs sound, improves understandability, are semi-transparent, flame retardant (Trevira CS), wide width, durable and have noise reduction coefficient results between 0.57 and 0.62. Frequency Blind and Soundcheck Blind Fabric are woven with a ribbon shaped Trevira CS yarn. This modified polyester yarn filament is the key to its sound absorption, managing the flow of sound waves passing through at a particular rate. As sound passes through the fabric repeatedly, it bounces off a reflective surface changing the Sheer Blind Fabric in Frequency Blind and Soundcheck Blind tone, becoming muffled. This results in the sound losing some of its energy and therefore reduces sound levels. Frequency Blind comes in one colourway – White. Soundcheck Blind comes in three different colourways – White, Pumice and Charcoal.