Acoustic Solutions Acoustic Solutions Brochure - Page 4

hush acoustics Sheer Drapery Fabric You’ll hardly believe the difference a lightweight acoustic sheer will make to the reverberation and echo within office areas, conference rooms, restaurants, hotel lobbies and multi-functional halls. Our Hush Sheer Drapery Fabric; Soundcheck, Wavelength and Frequency absorb sound and improve understandability. They are semi-transparent, flame retardant (Trevira CS), wide width, durable and have noise reduction coefficient results between 0.58 and 0.62 – a combination previously unavailable for modern architecture. Soundcheck, Wavelength and Frequency are woven with a ribbon shaped Trevira CS yarn. This modified polyester yarn filament is the key to their sound absorption, managing the flow of sound waves passing through at a particular rate. As sound passes through the fabric repeatedly, it bounces off a reflective surface changing the tone, becoming muffled. This results in the sound losing some of its energy and therefore reduces sound levels. Soundcheck comes in five colourways – White, Sand, Pumice, Stone and Charcoal. Frequency and Wavelength come in two colourways each – White and Pumice Sheer Drapery Fabric in Frequency Pumice and White (top), Wavelength Pumice and Soundcheck Charcoal (bottom)