Acoustic Solutions Acoustic Solutions Brochure - Page 10

acoustic art & pin Materialised Acoustic Art delivers an effective, affordable and adjustable acoustic solution – perfect for any area where noise negatively effects the soundscape - while adding a visual dimension to the space. Acoustic Pin offers the same acoustic and aesthetic benefits as Acoustic Art, with the added benefit of a slimmer profile – perfect for work space pin boards. Both Acoustic Art and Acoustic Pin are supplied, fully assembled and ready to hang – just like normal art/pin boards. We understand that every space is unique, therefore our custom design options allow for an almost unlimited choice of design and colour, or you may choose to use your own images. Can’t decide what images to use? Materialised makes choosing the perfect image as easy as possible through our extensive Image Library. What are the benefits of Acoustic Art and Pin? All Acoustic Art and Acoustic Pin systems are designed to securely hold fabric without the use of adhesives, nails, tacks or tape. This allows you to recycle the framework while changing the fabric ‘skin’ if it is damaged or a change of decoration is required. The system allows for the precise matching of both patterns and repeat at all seam locations if using multiple panels. How does it work? Each panel is constructed with a robust PVC tracking system that contains an acoustic polyester infill, which is the sound absorber. The sound waves pass through the outer skin of fabric, through to the infill where the sound energy is absorbed. Each of our panels are faced with Corfu, a flame retardant fabric that has a modified weave, allowing air to freely pass through it. This fabric passes the acoustic ‘blow test’ successfully whilst maintaining printed colour beautifully. Acoustic Art - Materialised Image Library Image number: 177364356