ACOMS Review - Summer 2018 ACOMS Review July 2018

ACOMS REVIEW VOLUME XI, ISSUE 3, 2018 President’s Editorial On April 23, 2018, Stephanie Drew became the first female president of ACOMS. In her address to the members, she spoke about her goals for the future of the College, including expanding engagement with international affiliates, efforts to diversify the specialty, and continuing to offer high quality continuing education to members. To learn more, a video of Dr. Drew expanding on these goals can be viewed here. The following is an excerpt from her brand new editorial, Women as Oral and In This Issue • Elaine A. Stuebner Scholars Program • Continuing Education • Featured in OOOO • Resident Abstracts • Strategies for Reducing Bias in Pain Management • Member Spotlight: Dr. Daniel Oreadi • Membership Discounts • Career Opportunities Maxillofacial Surgeons: Past, Present and Future Stephanie J. Drew, DMD, FACS President, ACOMS Associate Professor, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Emory School of Medicine. Five powerful factors that apply to societal conflict resolution are: diversity, understanding, respect, collaboration and parity. Professionals generally organize themselves as a “group or society” that shares ideas, provides mentoring and support, and protects common interests of the group as a whole. However, most people, including professionals in the group, often cite gender when identifying the professional. A surgeon should be identified solely as a surgeon, regardless of gender. When an organization is largely composed of a single gender, it may be a challenge to add another gender of professionals. The new group will affect a cultural change within the organization, which may need to adapt to different perspectives offered and more diverse member needs. Understanding and respect for needed culture change is of utmost importance for a group’s survival. With an increasing number of women joining our amazing specialty, women will have the support and voice to mentor and encourage other women (and men) to join. Without addressing these five factors, equality cannot be created. Gender diversity in the specialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery is inadequate when speaking of equality at this time. Continued