Acklam Grange Prospectus 2017v2 - Page 6

Pastoral Care and Transition We care for every student as an individual and recognise that every child is different and equally important. Our traditional values stem back through generations of families in our local community and beyond. Focussed on family learning, our school is characterised by an ethos of care, courtesy and consideration. Welcoming and friendly, we offer care, guidance and support throughout our proven pastoral system. Smooth transition from Primary to Secondary school is key to a child’s success. Our close work with our partner Primary schools ensures our already popular and widely recognised transition programme is supportive to both parents and students as they embark on secondary education. Request a copy of our ‘Transition’ brochure from the School Office or visit our school website at to find out more about: •  Joining our school community •  The pastoral system •  ARC Services •  Rewards •  Our expectations •  Trips, clubs, extra-curricular opportunities and event success •  School uniform •  The school day •  Term dates and holidays 2017/2018 6 The school’s work to promote