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For the Final Submission: Your final Excel workbook submission should contain the following. You cannot use any other software but Excel to complete this project. 1. A Completed Worksheet Title Page tab, which is really a cover sheet with your name, the course, the date, your instructor’s name, and the title for the project. 2. A CompletedWorksheetProfiles tab which contains a one- paragraph description regarding each company with information about their history, what products they sell, where they are located,and so forth. 3. All 16 ratios for each company with the supporting calculations and commentary on your Worksheet Ratio tab. Supporting calculations must be shown either as a formula or as text typed into a different cell.The ratios are listed further down this document. Your comments for each ratio should include more than just a definition of the ratio.You should focus on interpreting each ratio number for each company and support your comments with the numbers found in the ratios.You need to specifically state which company performed better for each ratio. 4. The Summary and ConclusionsWorksheet tab is an overall comparison of how each company compares in terms of the major category of ratios described in Chapter 13 of your textbook.A nice way to conclude is to state which company you think is the better investment and why. 5. The Bibliography Worksheet tab must contain at least your textbook as a reference. Any other information that you use to profile the companies should also be cited as a reference. Required Ratios for Final Project Submission 1. Earnings per Share of Common Stock 2. Current Ratio 3. Gross (Profit) MarginPercentage 4. Rate of Return (Net Profit Margin) on M(Ը)%ٕѽQɹٕ(ظ)ϊd%ٕѽ=х%<(ܸ)չ́IمQɹٕ