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Purchase on Apr 25 30 8 240 Purchase on Nov 16 14 9 126 Sales 50 ? ? SeaspraySeaspray Sales uses a FIFO inventory system. Cost of goods sold for the period is The quality of earnings suggests that A. stockholders want the corporation to earn enough income to be able to pay its debts. B. income from continuing operations is a more relevant predictor of future performance than income from one-time transactions. C. net income is the best measure of the results of op •É…Ñ¥½¹Ì¸)¸)½¹Ñ¥¹Õ¥¹œ½Á•É…Ñ¥½¹Ì…¹½¹”µÑ¥µ”ÑɅ¹Í…Ñ¥½¹Ì…É”½˜•ÅՅ°¥µÁ½Éх¹”¸)•™•ÉɕQ…à1¥…‰¥±¥Ñ䁥́ÕÍՅ±±ä)QåÁ”½˜½Õ¹Ð)I•Á½Éѕ½¸Ñ¡”)¸)1½¹œµÑ•É´)¸)%¹½µ”Íхѕµ•¹