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input to the budgeting process is last year?s statement of cash flows, wh ich follows (amounts in thousands): Wang Appliance Store Statement of Cash Flows 2013 (in thousands) Cash Flows from Operating Activities Collections from customers $51,000 Interest Received 500 Purchase of inventory (36,000) Operating expenses (10,200) Net cash provided by operating activities 5,300 Cash Flows from Investing Activities Purchase of equipment (3,5 00) Purchase of investments (5 00) Sale of investments 1, 000 Net cash used for investing activities (3, 000 ) Cash Flows from Financing Activities Payment of long term debt 400) Issuance of Stock 000 Payment of cash dividends (500) Net cash provided by financing activities 1,000 Cash Increase (decrease) in Cash 300 Cash, beginning of year ( 2, 3, 2,900