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(2) Compute the gross margin percentage and net profit margin ratio. Alpha Company’s assets at the beginning of the year were $1,500,000, and the assets were $1,400,000 at the end of the year. To qualify for full credit, you must state the formula you are using, show your computations, and explain your findings. Question 6. (TCO F) This is a 2-part question. Part 1) Journalize the adjusting entries below at year-end December 31, XXXX. Please share your supporting calculations for the adjusting entries requiring computations. (a) The VFW7FVB&6RbFR7WƖW266VB2C"#FRFF67Bb7WƖW2&Vr2Cࢆ"67'VVB6W'f6R&WfVVRbCࢆ2WVVBv2W&66VBBFR&VvrbFRV"f"CCRFRWVVN( 2W6VgVƖfR2RV'2BFR&W6GVfVR2CR&V6&BFRFW&V6Ff"F2V"ࢆBFRvVVǒ&2C#RVVW2&RvVBf"2F2bRFv&vVVࢆR&VvrVV&VB6W'f6R&WfVVR2CrSBVFrVV&V@6W'f6R&WfVVR2C2SࢆbFR'W6W722FW&W7BWV6RbCsSFB2GVRV'ࢃ3G2pD4rV6R&WfWrFRfvrb&F2f"vW6@2f"FRV"VFVB#BBFG&W72FR"VW7F2&Vrख7G'V7F3F22"'BVW7FࢃWFRVrbV6bFRvW6&F2&fRࢃG2"7FFRv66W&f&VB&WGFW"f"V6&FG2G23b