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14. • 4. The manager asks you how much in total resources the business has to work with and, how much it owes. Adjust the accounts; construct the financial statements) Record the follo wing month end adjusting entries for Gordon Construction, Inc. at June 30, 2014 Month end accruals at June 30, 2014: • a. Accrued advertising revenue at June 30, $3,100. • b. Supplies used during June, $3,090. • c. Accrued salary expense at June 30 for Monday, Tuesday, and Wedn esday. The five-day weekly payroll is $6,100 and will be paid on Friday. Requirement 2 Prepare adjusted trial balance for Gordon Construction at June 30, 2014. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACCT 504 Case Study 2 (Williams Oil) For more course tutorials visit Case study (Learning Objectives 2, 4: Explain the components of internal control; e valuate internal controls) Each of the following situations reveals an inte rnal control weakness: Situation a. In evaluating the internal control over inventory for the Willi ams Oil Services Company, an auditor learns that the warehouse receivi ng clerk is responsible for ordering parts for supply inventory use in drill ing services, counts the inventory when received at the dock, records the receipts into the inventory ledger, and takes the annual inventory, No su pervisor reviews the receiving clerks work.