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ACCT 504 Final Exam (3 different finals) For more course tutorials visit 1. (TCO A) Which one of the following is an advantage of corporations relative to partnerships and sole proprietorships? (Points : 5) Reduced legal liability for investors Harder to transfer ownership Lower taxes Most common form of organization 2. (TCO A) When a corporation distributes a dividend, _____. (Points : 5) the most common form of distribution is a cash dividend the Dividends account will be increased with a credit the Retained Earnings account will be directly increased with a debit the Dividends account will be decreased with a debit 3. (TCOs A, B) Below is a partial list of account balances for Cerner Company: Cash $5,000 Prepaid insurance 500 Accounts receivable 2,500 Accounts payable 2,000 Notes payable 3,000 Common stock 1,000 Dividends 500 Revenues 15,000 Expenses 12,500 What did Cerner Company show as total credits? (Points : 5) $21,500 $21,000