ACCT 504 help A Guide to career/ ACCT 504 help A Guide to career/

ACCT 504 Case Study 1 (Gordon Construction) For more course tutorials visit Case Study 1 (Part A) Analyze the impact of business transactions on accounts; record (journal ize and post) transactions in the books; construct and use a trial balance) During the first month of operation of Gordon Construction, Inc., compl eted the following transactions: June 2 Gordon received $55,000 cash and issued common stock to the stockhol ders. 3 Purchased supplies, $3,000, and equipment, $5,200, on account. 4 Performed services for a client and received cash, $6,300. 7 Paid cash to acquire land, $37,000. 11 Performed services for a customer and billed the customer, $1,200. Jo hnson expects to collect within one month. 16 Paid partial for the equipment purchased June 3 on account $2,800. 17 Paid the telephone bill, $230. 18 Received partial payment from customer on account, $700. 22 Paid the water and electricity bills, $400. 29 Received $5,000 cash for repairing the pipes of a customer. 30 Paid employee salary, $4,300. 30 Declared and paid dividends of $3,000. ▸Requirements • 1. Record each transaction in the journal. Key each transaction by date. Explanations are not required. • 2. Post the transactions to the T- accounts, using transaction dates as posting references. • 3. Prepare the trial balance of Gordon Construction, Inc., at June30, 20