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pYrOtEcHnIcS The company behind the effects Having forged a reputation not only as a leading supplier of special effects for live events, fi lm & television but also as a company at the forefront of innovative design and creation of new effects. As a supplier to many of the SFX companies in the UK we have been designing and fabricating custom effects that have been proved to be reliable and safe time and again. We have the ability, the skills and the machinery to create these effects in-house at our workshop facility in Bristol so not only do we remain in total control of your project we can often be found rising to the challenges that some others might not be able to. Always working closely with our clients and taking the time to listen to what they envisage allows our team to harness the brilliant creativity of their ideas and put that into the fi nal effect whilst always maintaining the paramount importance of safety and reliability. Our Unique Projects We truly demonstrated our ability to rise to a challenge when we were commissioned by Nike’s promotional partners to create two unique centrepiece effects to reveal their latest footwear offering and advertising campaign during a private product launch. The bespoke elements included laser cut snow edged plinths and the design of an immersive rain rig. 6 THE ACCESS FILES 2018 T DETAILS CONTAC Address: , Pilning ick Road 67 Redw 4LU Bristol BS35 631470 Tel: 01454 2 708 201 Fax: 0177 .com @kjetech fo in Email: je .k w w w Website: