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NOVEMBER | NOEA COLUMN Decisions, Decisions, Decisions NOEA’s Susan Tanner is decisive about decisions for the association’s convention E vents are about decision making; a continuous process of implementation, constant correction, re-imagining, and agile thinking to create something memorable and fantastic. The film director Terry Gilliam was once quoted as saying that the best his films would ever look were within his imagination and at best, during the final script phrase; after that the production elements were a series of negotiations, acquiescence’s and compromises, each attempting to be as close as possible to what was originally intended in the script. Event organising is much the same, even at the creation end of the process, compromises have to be made, decisions are constantly being implemented, to try and create an organisers perfect vision. So, how about at the other end of the scale, when something goes horribly wrong? When the decision-making process is not only harder, but under increased time pressures; how about encountering such an instance without preparation or experience? This is what the NOEA Convention 2018 is all about. The theme, ‘It Could Never Happen to Me’ brings the content back to NOEA heartland; s series of talks, discussions and workshops with experienced event producers, opinion formers, and those with something new to bring to this discussion. NOEA will create a safe environment for people to share their own concerns around coping with incidents. One of our sessions will be a workshop, bought together by our Futures Supporter, ACT (National) Ltd, and run by the very able Bev Osborne from Training 4 Resilience, who is already looking at decision making; “When a crisis or emergency event occurs, a number of decisions will need to be made – often very quickly, 42 without the benefit of having all of the information that you would like to know,” she comments. The first part of the workshop will take a light- hearted look at a crisis event, and consider different options at each stage of the scenario. Having explored the importance of evaluating options, and considering the consequences of decisions, the second part of the workshop will bring people together in groups to determine a range of different courses of action The idea is for guests at the convention to share their own real world experiences, but also to apply them to a fake scenario, and to look at ways this experience can be applied. NOEA has always been about sharing experience, and this is a great session that means we can do this in a live scenario. Also at the convention we have other great speakers from Dick Tee, Enteetainment, to Simon Hughes, industry consultant, and our own Becky Stevens, Hybred Events, all speaking about their own stories, and lending their experience to the group. We also have representatives from Operation Gothic and the wider police force, who will be presenting to the delegation and contributing to the many sessions we have. While the theme will be ‘It Could Never Happen to Me’, the event is all about decision making; the best decision, as far as we’re concerned, for any event organiser is to sign up and come along! The NOEA Convention & Awards will take place in Bath, 21st November, with the day convention taking place at The Guildhall, and the evening Awards in the Pump Rooms. Tickets to the event are still available from www.eventbrite. tickets-40791348020 . “Even at the creation end of the process, compromises have to be made”