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DESTINATION GUIDE: EUROPE 6 OF THE BEST CT Group Travel, specialists in the planning and management of corporate events, share three of the best cities in the world for wow-factor events Gone are the days when corporate events were synonymous with stuffy meetings and industry-focused events. Today, exciting events take place to launch groundbreaking products, recognise achievers through awards ceremonies, and much more. A venue can do a great deal to set the tone of of an event, and said venue can be drastically transformed by talented staff. But just as important as the venue is the city in which it’s located. CT Group Travel, specialists in the planning and management of corporate events, share three of the best cities in the world for wow-factor events. These locations are not necessarily the most popular, but their unique settings and amazing cultural offerings make for truly unforgettable events. 34 Melbourne, Australia Australia’s second city, Melbourne, is known for offering excellent quality of life to its residents, but it also has a great deal to offer those visiting for events. Melbourne is beautifully situated on the breathtaking Port Phillip Pay, with the Yarra River feeding into the city centre. It boasts stunning examples of architecture, an excellent nightlife and music scene, and plenty of outdoor parks and spaces so visitors can soak up the amazing weather. The city is also compact, making transportation simple. In terms of venues, Melbourne has no shortage of large scale and more quirky and boutique options on offer. For midsize events of up to 400-500 guests, the Meat Market is a space that offers charm and history perfect for any number of event types. For gorgeous large scale events, Lakeside Stadium has everything event planners and attendees could ask for. Reykjavik, Iceland Iceland has taken the world by storm in the past few years, with its tourism numbers spiking drastically. But the capital city of Reykjavik can cater to more than just tourists. With its idyllic location on the southern shore of Faxa Bay overlooking snow capped mountains in the distance, Reykjavik is an easily navigable city offering local hospitality and charming culture. The city has wonderful, relaxed nightlife and is surrounded by Iceland’s beautiful nature, allowing visitors the chance to explore in their downtime. Some of Iceland’s most ethereal landscapes are just a quick trip from Reykjavik, as well. The stunning architecture and setting of Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre offers a unique and breathtaking location for large events. Whales of Iceland offers a one-of-a-kind setting for events of up to 600 people, surrounded by models of whale species native to the island’s waters. Boston, USA While Los Angeles and New York have a strong reputation for events, a fantastic alternative is the city of Boston. Boston is one of America’s most historic cities, mixing that New England charm with a big city feel. Boston has plenty to offer in terms of nightlife, sporting events and culture, amazing restaurants and plenty of interesting and historically significant places to visit. The city is easily navigated by its underground system, the “T”. The city of Boston was also awarded for its innovation in 2017, making it the perfect place to host exciting events. Perhaps the most famous baseball stadium in the world, Fenway Park makes for an unforgettable event venue and can cater to small or extra large occasions. For something a little more intimate, Boston Winery allows the opportunity to pair local wines with an event in a beautiful, historic building. There are many fantastic cities across the globe that offer unique experiences for event attendees, but these cities all have that extra wow-factor that makes an event unforgettable. As an added bonus, Melbourne, Reykjavik and Boston’s cultures really add something special to the experience for visitors.