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NOVEMBER | TRENDING Points of view… A round-up of the latest social media news @KataTechnology Turns Out Putting a Facebook Camera in Your House Might Be a Privacy Issue. of your event, but only if you’ve been careful to ensure that their following, and method by which they intend to reach out, is right for your business. It is worth being aware that Influencers usually ask for payment for promoted content, knowing the value of their own brand association. Privacy 101 Although having well-known names connected to your event can help promote it, you must be conscious that VIP guests often have specific requirements, such as not showing their faces or releasing information about their attendance on social media. Therefore, it’s crucial that your staff are briefed and are acutely aware of their limitations. You should focus on letting the brand do the shouting and only publish content referencing your VIPs after the event and with their permission. It’s clear that social media is a fundamental component in planning and executing a successful event. Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn especially are rapidly becoming unparalleled platforms, and when utilised to their full potential, they can grow audiences, entice attendees and maximise the impact of the brand. This, in turn, can drive sales and new business- the ultimate goals of your social media strategy. @StineEckert Lost faith in Facebook and Instagram after data leakages, breaches and too much noise? Here’s a guide to delete your Facebook and Instagram accounts forever #databreaches #privacy #FacebookHack @BRedirectors Digital Marketing is commonly confused or misinterpreted as Marketing through social media alone or SEO alone or PPC alone. However, it’s a complete package of all of these along with some other colours which complete the picture only when used altogether! #DigitalMarketing @WeAreSynMedia Sorry Google+ fans. Google announced earlier last week that they will be shutting down their social media platform by the middle of next year due to a security bug that left the private data exposed on some of their users. 21