ACCESS-ABILITY Volume3_Issue1 - Page 40

FAVORITEACTIVIS Sir Ken Robinson: No list of education activists would be complete Ken Robinson. He has been speaking about changing key paradigms education for many years. His TED Talk entitled ?Does Education K Creativity?? remains one of the most viewed TED Talks in history. ? Jonathan Mooney: Opening-day speaker Jonathan Mooney can be controversial, yet he makes us think. His primary message of devel curricula and environments from the ground up to meet the needs learners, rather than trying to ?fix? differences inherent in the lea the central principle upon which universal design for learning is bu John Hunter: John Hunter has dedicated his life to working with children?as a musician, teacher, filmmaker, and most famously as game designer. He is perhaps best known for creating the World Pe Game in 1978, which has taught thousands of children how to colla use critical thinking, and solve problems in a peaceful manner. Hun was way ahead of his time, and ahead of the computer age, in his gamification of the classroom. His game is the subject of the film