MINDFUL MINUTE In this month?s Mindful Minute, we introduce you to the ?calm-down jar.? A calm-down jar can contain any material that is soothing and interesting to watch? such as glitter, shiny objects, or gifts from nature? all suspended in a viscous solution such as clear glue, corn syrup, or glycerin. The calm-down jar represents our mind being ?all stirred up? and then all settled down. M at er ials ? Clean Voss Plastic Bottles ? Hot water ? Mixing bowl ? Funnel ? Whisk ? Liquid Watercolor ? Fine Glitter ? Elmer?s clear glue ? Corn syrup ? Fun objects such as small plastic letters ? Liquid watercolor ? Liquid soap or glycerin ? Hair gel ? Glow-in-the-dark paint ? Glow-in-the-dark mini stars Super Glue