APP SOLUTELY The MindShift? app was developed by the nonprofit organization AnxietyBC, more formally known as the Anxiety Disorders Association of British Columbia. This app is designed for teens and young adults with anxiety, but the mindfulness and relaxation strategies are great for everyone. Mindfulness has been shown to help with a number of conditions, including chronic pain, sleep problems, anxiety, and mood disorders. MindShift is free and focuses on reducing the user ?s anxiety through specific tools that are easily accessed on the application?s home page. The home page is divided into several sections. The Anxiety 101 section is exactly what it sounds like? a short course on the features of anxiety. The app tools are based on cognitive behavior therapy, a research-based approach to the treatment of anxiety. The tools menu includes a My Situation section for tracking your own anxiety triggers, a Check Yourself feature to rate the physical symptoms associated with your anxiety-provoking situations and track your progress, and a Thinking Right feature for finding actionable strategies to manage worry, perfectionism, and social anxiety. In addition, there is a Quick Tips button at the top of every screen that links to specific strategies if you are in need of immediate anxiety reduction. There is also a link to specific helplines for youth and adults. By Mysha Kuhlmann