STRONG EMOTION If anxiety, fear, or stress is taking over, you can calm yourself with these ?body hacks? for quieting emotion. It sounds clich├ęd, but deep breathing can 1 help. Deep breathing can trick your brain into thinking you are in relaxation mode instead of fight or flight mode. Journaling about your fears and emotions is 2 another way to calm stress. Specifically, write about upcoming events that are causing worry and how you feel. Rate your feelings of anxiety on a scale to gauge your progress. Ask yourself if the worries are accurate representations of likely outcomes or if they could be irrational. 3 Soak your head in cold water? really! It will trigger your diving reflex? your pulse will slow, oxygen will rush toward your brain and heart, and blood vessels will narrow. Non-essential functions, including negative emotions, will slow as well. Strike a ?power pose.? Posing with hands on 4 hips and standing tall for a few minutes per day actually lowers cortisol, the body?s stress hormone. Check out the TED Talk by Harvard Business School Professor Amy Cuddy if you don't believe us! 5 Exercise, of course! Raise those dopamine levels.