RIVIER ADVISORY Last spring I was invited to serve on the Rivier University Graduate School Advisory Council. The focus of graduate studies in the Division of Education is teacher education, mental health counselor education, educational leadership, and school psychology. The Division of Education also houses the Psy.D. and Ed.D. programs. I believe it is important for school district leaders to maintain an ongoing dialogue with higher education. Today?s schools are complex ecosystems that require the coordinated efforts of educators, specialists, and mental health providers. It is critical for higher education professionals to understand the needs of today?s schools so they can prepare tomorrow?s teachers, counselors, and psychologists. One goal of the advisory is to develop effective partnerships with school districts and other agencies to promote the university?s mission of transforming hearts and minds to serve the world. How do we do that? In the old days, the university promoted its mission through word of mouth. Today, we need more creative and sophisticated networks to attract bright young people to the fields of education and mental health, to support them in their journey through meaningful field experiences, and to retain them once they enter the field through creative mentorship models. In short, we need to help them build grit! I look forward to serving on the advisory and I hope my experience in leadership and college teaching is helpful. By Sara Stetson