LEARNING DISABILITIES ADVISORY with BOSTON CHILDREN'S By Sara Stetson This year I was pleased to receive an invitation to serve on the Boston Children?s Hospital Learning Disabilities Program Advisory. The team at Children?s is made up of evaluators with expertise in neuropsychology and academic functioning in the areas of language, reading and mathematics. The advisory council tackles questions about the ways in which assessments and assessment recommendations translate into practice, what type of information is most helpful to schools in carrying out recommendations and findings from assessments, the ways in which school systems support students with various types of learning disabilities, and the topics that are most pressing to those of us who work to support children with learning differences. The advisory council has been a wonderful experience and I am happy to have been invited to participate! I hope our conversations are thought-provoking and lead to new ideas, innovations, and solutions for how we can work together to support children with specific learning disabilities in the state of Massachusetts.