Accelerate May 2015 - Page 94

Courage “Teresa of Avila called the mind ‘a clacking mill that goes on grinding.’ This is the nature of the mind: to have thoughts. The purpose of silence is a directed stillness, which receives rather than acts.” Review your thoughts first thing in the morning and reunite with your childhood innocence—when you were an open and receptive vessel of brightness. “The duties and cares of the day crowd about us when we awake each day—if they have not already dispelled our night’s rest. How can everything be accommodated in one day? When will I do this, when that? How will it all be accomplished? Thus agitated, we are tempted to run and rush. And so we must take the reins in hand and remind ourselves, ‘Let go of your plans.’” Found in The Prayer of the Saints, Tom Cowan shares a prayer to St. Teresa that affirms the importance of courage: Give me the courage to persevere in my spiritual practices even when others think I am foolish and wasting my time. Help me, Teresa, to find refuge in prayer and devotions, especially when I feel out of step with the fads and trends that others think are so important. May I find inspiration in your life and keep my sense of humour no matter what. 94 May 2015