Accelerate May 2015 - Page 93

Courage H ow do you feel about your work life? Are you living in joyful childlike innocence, or are you an overanxious, controlling adult? One easy way to find out is to take advantage of that first slice of stillness just as you awaken. You can ask a question about something, and the truth will reveal itself with a simple “yes or no.” The magic of the morning sets the tone and intent for your mood, as Oprah Winfrey affirms. “I awaken to a morning prayer of thanks posted on my bathroom wall from Marianne Williamson’s book Illuminata. I think about all those who didn’t make it to 51 and were claimed to a different calling before they realised the beauty and wonder and majesty of life on earth.… I knew that I was connected to a power greater than myself—that I need only slow down and get still enough to let the flow that is all life carry me to the next level.” While you’re getting ready for work each morning, what attitude do you choose? In the evening, you can ask your inmost self-questions. In the morning, monitor your level of innocence and wait for the answers. Then, invite the wonder of your heartfelt courage into your day. A Hindu mystic will tell you, “It is a good idea to keep a mental diary. Before you go to bed each night, sit for a short time and review the day. See what you are becoming. Do you like the trend of your life? If not, change it.” Are you willing to make changes now, While you’re getting ready for work each morning, what attitude do you choose? or are you waiting for the eleventh hour? If so, it is already here! Jon Kabat-Zinn (Professor Emeritus, University of Massachusetts Medical School) writes in Wherever You Go, There You Are, “Too often, our lives cease working because we cease working at life, because we are unwilling to take responsibility for things as they are, and to work with our difficulties … In other words, you must be willing to let life itself become your teacher.” If you truly want to find the joy (or eliminate the drudgery) in your work life, you must open your mind to face the truth about your unhappiness, your judgments or the suffering perpetuated by your own thought patterns. May 2015 93