Accelerate May 2015 - Page 90

Positive Psychology Enter the inspirational motivating leader who says ‘I believe in you’, and yet still for a while, there is little change. Nothing will change until leaders, at every level, start believing in themselves and their people. Leaders need to do more than provide people with a vision of where they are going. They need to inspire and convince their people to believe that there is a way of getting there together. Good people managers help people connect the dots from corporate vision to self and then how their behaviours and performance impact corporate success in terms of fulfilling the vision. These people managers take time to know the strengths and development needs of team members and understand what motivates each individual. They ask questions such as “what matters to you” and “what interests you”, and work at creating visions for individuals that open their minds to becoming bigger and better, that are aligned to corporate vision. Consider how uplifting it is to hear your manager say “I think you can go far with us here, I can imagine you … ” or “my vision of you is …”. The individual’s field of vision is broadened by the manager’s, 90 May 2015 Coaching and regular encouragement of behavioural changes that guide them toward their personal visions are more effective than showing displeasure and goading them when they fall short.