Accelerate May 2015 - Page 87

Recruitment media, Job Forward allows them to reach out to a wider talent pool. Everyone looking at a job recruiting site is looking for a job. However, with Job Forward, we are helping employers reach those who are very satisfied with their current jobs, but are open to hearing about new opportunities. We also have social graph data so we can help companies reach out to relevant candidates and they can manage the applicants through Job Forward as well. Job Forward also allows employers to understand their potential hires on a more intimate level. If an employer came to you and asked you for your résumé, it would be weird. However, if they are reaching out through Job Forward, it helps to initiate casual communication and this is the key difference in what we offer. By opening up these channels to pools of talent who are currently resting, or passive, Job Forward is able to completely optimise the HR resources a start-up or SME has, to find them an absolutely better fit for their company, whatever their needs may be. Q: Is this the entire service offering or are developments in the pipeline that may be launched later (that you can share/discuss now)? If yes, what can we look forward to and when? The idea behind Job Forward is that it is a job distribution site that will tap into, not only the networks of active job seekers, but that of passive job seekers—those who might not know of better opportunities because they are not actively looking, but who would be interested if they saw a better position available. Yoshi: We cannot disclose our development plan given the confidentiality issue. However, we already soft-launched the Bahasa Indonesia version and plan to expand into more countries quickly. Functionally, we plan to implement our own matching algorithm which utilises social graphs from multiple social media platforms. Q: Do users pay to use this service? Who pays and how much? Yoshi: We are still exploring the business models but would charge employers pay per post or on a subscription basis. Q: Why was this launched in Singapore, as opposed to another city? Yoshi: I have been living in Singapore for four years. It was natural for me to choose Singapore as the first market to launch Job Forward (in April 2014), firstly because we can offer our product in English, and secondly, because my personal network extends here. Sufficient funding circumstance is also a key reason to choose Singapore. We will be expanding to Indonesia and more countries shortly. * Startup Essence is a new service by Job Forward launched in February 2015. It is a DIY platform that empowers websites to create a recruiting portal, effectively attracting talented hires by displaying their company culture. May 2015 87