Accelerate May 2015 - Page 64

Leadership Keywords disengagement, stress, competition, change, leadership, mindset. Be part of the conversation LINK Related articles by Irene Becker “I think that globally we’re now living in a marketplace, an environment with incredible opportunity but also incredible change and hyper competition. It impacts the workplace, be it a large enterprise or SME in profound ways.” - Irene Becker 64 May 2015 • Lead Forward:  The Revolution is Already Here. 7 Ways to Adapt, Evolve and Thrive by Irene Becker; • Enlightened Self Interest: 6 Ways to Build a Resilient, Thriving Culture in Disruptive Times by Irene Becker; • 3Q Leadership Exposed:  Cover Story Interview, Realizing Leadership Magazine by Irene Bcker • Ten Ways to Build Employee Engagement by Irene Becker. Additional related reading • Why HR Should Consider Using Message Maps by Laurence Karal • Strategic HR Professionals in Demand by Dan Russell • Want to Get Ahead? Try Listening. By Sheila Pang • How Are You Playing Your Inner Game? By Rowena Morais Irene’s recommendations to worthy books - The Future Arrived Yesterday by Michael S. Malone - Employee Engagement for Everyone by Kevin Kruse (honoured to be mentioned in this book-really excellent toolkit for engagement) - The Collaboration Imperative by Ron Ricci and Carl Wiese - The Culture Secret by Dr. David Vik Contact Irene • JustCoachIt blog | 3Q Leadership Blog • Irene Becker on LinkedIn and Twitter If you liked this podcast, please share it.