Accelerate May 2015 - Page 63

Leadership Podcast The way forward for Why we need to change our relationship with change T his podcast, hosted by Rowena Morais, features guest, Irene Becker, founder and Chief Success Officer of JustCoachIt-The 3Q Edge™ Irene is the first woman CEO of a steel company in Canada - a trailblazer and champion of possibility thinking, communicating and results whose 3Q model and work are lauded by Harvard professors, thought leaders, HR experts, CEOS, senior managers, consultants, training companies and career transition clients. Irene is the author of the award winning 3Q Leadership™ Blog and has a robust social media following of 52,000+ followers. • why it’s not about managing around change but about developing change leadership; • why we need, not to manage, but to optimise, our situation and our talent; • why no matter how flat the organisational structure, there is still a need for strong leadership; • more about why growing and learning are things that speak to the best of the human spirit and how these are also lynchpins for engagement. Listen to the podcast You will learn: • why we need to put on different glasses in order to view the business and figure out the issues that drive buy-in, commitment and collaborative work; May 2015 63