Accelerate May 2015 - Page 60

Learning & Development the session they would be leading. Reports were generated from the LMS and a class learning preference diagram/template was utilised to tailor each session, differing for the same course. iii. AmeriCredit Leadership L&P’s strategy, combined with our internal success, resulted in the Chief Learning Officer being added to AmeriCredit’s Executive Team. This was instrumental in gaining support for our L&D strategies, innovative learning techniques, involvement in diverse organisational effectiveness interventions, expenditure flexibility by Finance & Accounting, and influencing of other drivers of business results. All corporate officers were trained in iStyled Learning and how it was to be supported by such leaders. Like other members of AmeriCredit, each officer completed an I-OPT survey, with their learning style information added to the LMS. Such learning preferences could be utilised to develop their own Individual Development Plans, along with helping draft such plans with their direct reports. They could also call up the style of those they were coaching and mentoring. Realising how these executives best learned enabled each one to create interesting activities for their own self-development. Leaders at all levels benefitted from knowing their own learning style. It allowed them to avoid activities which were less interesting, while spending discretionary learning time engaged in ways that hit their own learning “sweet spot”. Anyone, throughout 60 May 2015 the company, involved in coaching others would share their learning style and learn that of those they were assisting. These applications of learning preferences saved AmeriCredit and each person from wasting time and money. We started with members of the Executive Team, and then expanded use of learning styles by including a person’s individual Learning Report along with the results of their 360 Degree Performance Feedback Report. Such knowledge was quite helpful to feed back to recipients and to anyone involved in their development. This practice extended across managers in AmeriCredit’s operational and staff departments, as well as in the loan origination teams throughout the 90+ offices across North America. L&P brought on board a Vice President and an Assistant VP as full time internal coaches for Directors and above. We supplemented these two with periodic external coaches. Along with their leadership development focus and skills, all became highly developed with diverse aspects of learning styles. As requests grew, all of L&P’s senior leaders frequently were involved in coaching Executive Team members. Learning preferences were always a part of such assistance. iv. Learning Technology We soon found that eLearning and blended learning were so important and successful to achieving our objectives that L&P developed a very close working relationship with AmeriCredit’s IT department. Such