Accelerate May 2015 - Page 58

Learning & Development coaching/instructional design to where it would best achieve its intended results, while saving time and money from less effective, random approaches. Our L&P Leadership Team saw worth in Kolb and Salton’s ideas and even more benefit in combining the models into what we called “iStyled Learning”. iStyled Learning & Instructional Design PROCESS INNOVATE STIMULATE ANALYSE Institutionalising our Strategy With the diverse learning & development challenges facing AmeriCredit, and what we knew regarding learning styles, full cycle learning and our combined iStyled Learning, the L&P team created and implemented a strategy which included the following sub-elements. i. Learning Management System L&P spent approximately $200,000 USD to purchase and tailor a Learning Management System (LMS). Among its diverse capabilities was its ability to store the I-OPT survey results of AmeriCredit personnel. During 58 May 2015 the on-boarding process, each new hire completed the survey, with their learning preferences (primary, secondary, etc.), which was then entered into the LMS database. For persons already members of the company, we utilised operating and staff team meeting time, attendance at various events, and additional innovative opportunities to have the survey completed. The database was then utilised for aligning team member preferences with learning options/courses, suggested activities for individual development planning, managers conducting one-to-ones, coaching sessions, facilitators tailoring a training session for its attendees’ styles and various other uses.