Accelerate May 2015 - Page 55

Learning & Development The Challenges We Faced The strategy for what we named the Learning & Performance (L&P) Department emerged from the following factors: • there was a sizeable and pressing need to develop skills in both management and non-management team members. Lesser developed skills were sufficient when growth was fast, but would be questionable to keep loan delinquency rates low during any major downward turn in the economy; • most of AmeriCredit’s employees were located in five customer care centres, positioned across North America. In addition, there were over 90 loan origination offices, each with 4-6 personnel near automobile dealers, who were their customers; • eLearning would be essential to reach such scattered employee locations; • statistically, 70-75 percent of potential learners exit eLearning courses without completing such training modules; • globally, most Instructor-LedTraining (ILT) and eLearning do not match how individuals prefer to learn; instructional design normally includes just one or two learning styles, leading to learner boredom and exiting training modules before completing them; • furthermore, most instructional design involves presenting content, directly followed by measuring immediate retention; • AmeriCredit had only three trainers for its five customer care centres. We learned 15 months later of one who handled the 90+ loan origination offices; • managers were frequently not L&P’s strategy, combined with our internal success, resulted in the Chief Learning Officer being added to AmeriCredit’s Executive Team. sending their employees to courses for which they were scheduled. Learning Styles and Processes What are Learning Styles? How you answer the following question may help you gain insight into learning styles. The new computer you ordered has just been delivered to your home. You carry the carton inside. What would you do first? A. Set it up completely; B. Inventory the parts; C. Read the instructions; D. Explore other options. What was your choice? It can probably provide insight into your learning preference. Let’s dive deeper to see what AmeriCredit’s L&P leaders did. May 2015 55