Accelerate May 2015 - Page 53

HR Effectiveness planning conversation focuses on planning talent moves and developing talent so that they are prepared to take on future roles. The discussions in green are conversations between the employee and his/her manager. The performance review focuses on past results, feedback, and goal setting for the future. Career planning is a coaching conversation when the employee communicates career preferences and aspirations as well as when the manager provides information about potential opportunities and needs for the future. Many, many articles have been written about succession planning. There are sophisticated programmes and systems to help organisations automate processes and hold vast amounts of data. Stay realistic – don’t name a successor just to fill an empty box. An empty box isn’t a crisis -it’s just a risk to be managed like any other business risk. However, succession planning is a journey that needs not start with such complexity – especially for small and mid-sized enterprises. The important thing is to start somewhere. If the “Oracle of Omaha” places such importance on it, shouldn’t you be focusing on succession planning as you enter the New Year too? Daniel Russell is a Director in Deloitte’s Human Capital Consulting Practice based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He has over 20 years of experience assisting clients accelerate the development of their current and high potential leaders. Daniel has written white papers and book chapters on leading innovation, training & development, talent acquisition, HR technology, and employee engagement and has been quoted in the Washington Post, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle, Management Consultant International, and May 2015 53