Accelerate May 2015 - Page 5

May 2015 An effective pay structure can fail due to an ineffective implementation roll out process. 65 — DEON VAN DER VYVER Talent Management 73 John Healy: Talent Supply Chain Management is a Discipline Built from the Proven Models, Tools and Practices in the Supply Chain Profession Laurence Karal speaks to John Healy about the best TSCM models that can help organisations access the talent they need. Psychology 78 Do You Know What’s Holding You Back? You can focus on your faults or you can focus on your strengths. But understand that your beliefs drive your behaviour. Vanessa Judelman wants you to realise that these beliefs - or mindsets - either hold you back or help you thrive. Which mindset do you have? Resourcing and Rewards 81 The Importance of Demographic Trends and Responses in Asia Professor Chris Rowley discusses some of the responses - at the state, business and organisation levels - to the issue of ageing populations and more older people. Recruitment 85 New Platform helps Recruiters overcome Recruitment Barriers by Tapping into Passive Talent Yoshiaki Ieda explains how Job Forward, a new Singapore based start \