Accelerate May 2015 - Page 49

Big Data information blocks. Information comes to life when we present a story, and a compelling one at that because data is simply information. The power of data comes from the correlation we draw from the data or data sets. It lies in how we draw the interconnection between different data sets and the insights we pull from it. Further, people are not going to embrace an idea or initiative simply because they are asked to or told. The value needs to be defined, transparent and tangible. Therefore, buy-in will happen when we are able to successfully show others the value proposition associated with an initiative. So start small, pick just one project to begin with and go for quick wins. In conclusion, we are unlikely to figure out all the steps right at the beginning. The learning process takes place as we embark on the journey. We simply start with a plan, focus on our objectives and begin. Check these out • 10 Powerful Facts about Big Data - an article • ‘Big Data’ is One of the Biggest Buzzwords in Tech that No One has Figured Out Yet - a Business Insider article • Generating Value from Big Data Analytics - an ISACA whitepaper • Don’t Go George Orwell’s 1984 With Big Data - a Forbes article by Bill Franks • What the Heck is… Big Data? by Bernard Marr • Big Data! Was it Really? by Shaun Ryan Bob Chua is the Chairman and CEO of Pulse Group Plc, a leading big data and marketing analytics agency. Chairman of Virtuous Investment Circle, an independent non-profit organisation focused on angel investing in Malaysia and a Local Advisory Panel member for MSC Malaysia, Bob is also the proud winner of the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Award 2008. WORKS CITED / BIBLIOGRAPHY 1 This article highlights key points and ideas from the paper presented by Bob Chua, Big Data and HR, at the Mercer Marsh Employee Health and Benefits Series 2015 held in Penang and Kuala Lumpur on 21 and 23 April as well as the panel dialogue (that I moderated) with industry leaders and HR practitioners on reaping the be