Accelerate May 2015 - Page 48

Big Data Putting forward solid arguments to ask when considering where and how to begin. The advantage of being data driven, is that we in HR, can move from “we think” to “we know”, which makes positioning our arguments a lot stronger. • What do you want to achieve? • What data sets do you have to work with? • Do you have the internal expertise? • Who are the likely stakeholders and beneficiaries? • How will you measure ROI? • What technology considerations/constraints do you need to consider? • Is there anything you can This then raises the question: where do you start? Taking your first steps Here are some key questions 48 May 2015 benchmark against? Things you should avoid 1. Rush out to gather data. While you may be excited about your foray into big data, it is very important to realise that the gathering of all manner of data needs to be driven, first and foremost, by your objectives. 2. Present the data as