Accelerate May 2015 - Page 47

Big Data See, for example, the presentation of information above, about different types of criminal activity recorded in London, England over a number of years. This map presents both the type of criminal activity together with the locations for each, indicating hotspots as it were. This allows law enforcement authorities to make decisions about how and where reinforcements need to be deployed or where they should redirect their attention. May be riskier to ignore big data than to implement it An ISACA White Paper, Generating Value from Big Data Analytics, published in January 2014, goes so far as to assert that organisations that choose to avoid using big data analytics because of potential dangers, including security and privacy breaches, may be creating risk of another type. “There are risks inherent in implementing big data, such as ensuring privacy laws are not breached. But the risk of inaction may be far greater, with a company being left behind as its competitors embrace the technique to leap ahead,” said Norman Marks, member of ISACA’s Emerging Business and Technology Committee, which developed the white paper.” The advantage of being data driven, is that we in HR, can move from “we think” to “we know”, which makes positioning our arguments a lot stronger. May 2015 47