Accelerate May 2015 - Page 41

Onboarding “I arrived early, excited about my first day and my first real job from college. I just could not believe how disorganised they were. It was like nothing you said. Matter of fact, they were not expecting me till the following week. When I showed her the letter, she had to make phone calls to HR. It was a total mess. I knew then, that I would not be here long.” That short message was told to me by my daughter who, after finishing college, got her first “real” job. Because of my background in HR, I told her what the first day would probably be like since this was a well-known brand. The first date A new employee starting with your organisation is like a first date. You want to put your best foot forward in the hopes that they feel that they indeed made the right decision to join your organisation. During the recruiting process, we go the extra mile especially when we feel that we have narrowed it down to the finalist. We leave no stone unturned in making the sale for our respective organisations. That first official date should be the icing on the cake. The most important question that they will be asked, at the end of the day, is “How Is The New Job?” When they arrive back home, they will surely be asked that question more than once. Direct family members and close friends will all want to know just how it went. If you are a well known brand, even more so. It’s a celebration Onboarding is not about paperwork. Forms and paperwork could efficiently be The most unique factor about our programme was that it focused, not so much on what we did as a business, but on how we engaged our employees. done pre-onboarding. That first encounter should be about a celebration based on the theme that we are glad you chose us. Today, people are looking for more than a job - they are looking for a connection to your organisation. In my days in HR, I designed a programme which was chronicled in a book entitled “Creative Onboarding Programmes”. Our Onboarding programme was broken into two days. The first day was onboarding into the organisation. The second day was onboarding into their respective department. We put all hiring managers through training and each had a guide book in how to welcome their newest “family member”…. from introductory email to all their departments to pictorial organisational charts. Each manager was asked to take their newest member to lunch or do a team lunch at the company’s expense. May 2015 41