Accelerate May 2015 - Page 4

Contents Engagement 28 Employee Engagement II: Linking Workers To Significance This is the second article in the series by Cindy Saunders that focuses on employee engagement. Part of the engagement plan involves ensuring employees know their significance to the organisation. But there is a difference between significance and meaningful work. Onboarding 40 The Critical Elements To Consider In Crafting Your Employee Onboarding Programme Ron Thomas believes that people today are looking for more than a job - they are looking for a connection to your organisation. In which case, a great onboarding programme is your chance to make a good first impression. Big Data 44 Turning Data into Insight : What Big Data Means for HR An ISACA White Paper cautioned that it may be riskier to ignore big data than it is to implement it. As you embark on this journey, discover the key questions you need to ask and what you need to avoid. By Rowena Morais. HR Effectiveness 50 The Importance of Succession Planning Daniel Russell’s advice for HR and business leaders considering succession planning: Start simple. 54 Leaders at all levels benefitted from knowing their own learning style. — TOM SCHAFER Learning and Development 54 Leveraging Learning Styles Tom Schafer discusses how he incorporated learning preferences - at AmeriCredit - as a critical part of creating one of the leading L&D functions globally. AmeriCredit was named one of the top five training and development functions in the US by Training Magazine. Leadership 63 Podcast | The Way Forward for HR Hosted by Rowena Morais, this podcast features guest, Irene Becker. You will hear why it’s not about managing around change but about developing change leadership. Reward 65 How Do You Develop an Effective Pay Structure? Deon van der Vyver clarifies what a pay structure is, walks you through the steps involved in designing one and highlights what you need to focus on during the implementation process.