Accelerate May 2015 - Page 33

Engagement that is treated as valuable and significant, will engage, connect to the Company, and play their role in the success of the organisation. Once the “right” employee has been chosen, the manager is the voice of the Company to communicate the message of significance. The manager acts as a catalyst to engage employees and strengthen their skills. Here are four key channels crucial to link employees to this understanding of significance: Channel One: Trust In his book Unusually Excellent: The Necessary Nine Skills Required for the Practice of Great Leadership, John Hamm identifies trustworthiness as the most noble and powerful of all the attributes of leadership. “Leaders become trustworthy by building a track record of honesty, fairness and integrity. If you treat employees fairly, and you do so consistently, you will set a pattern of behaviour for the entire organisation. This sense of fairness - critical to the creation of a safe environment, can be reinforced not only by complimenting fair practices, but also by privately speaking to—or, if necessary, censuring— subordinates who behave unfairly to others in the organisation.” Simply stated, trust means confidence— confidence that actions are consistent with words, that managers are concerned about who employees are, regardless of what they can do, and that equity and fairness can be relied upon as the gold standard. As Stephen Covey put it, “The best leaders May 2015 33