Accelerate May 2015 - Page 3

Contents May 2015 23 In order for change to be accepted, areas of conflict should be debated - and not just by those at the top of the organisation. Ron Thomas — RAY PENDLETON Mobility 16 What Is Your Biggest Talent Mobility Challenge This Year and How Are You Resolving This? 16 Viewing your external vendors as simply tactical service providers is extremely limiting. — PENNY REYES BONHAGEN Three senior talent mobility leaders - from the telecomms, technology and professional services industries - answer this question, sharing what their focus areas are and how they are addressing their biggest challenges. By Sheila Pang Organisational Development 23 Do You Think You’re Ready for Change? Don’t Be So Sure… The best intentions and plans are simply not enough in itself - you need to understand what and who you’re working with. Ray Pendleton suggests that one of the first things you can do is ask yourself the right organisational readiness questions and push for robust answers.