Accelerate May 2015 - Page 23

Organisational Development Do You Think You’re Ready for Change? Don’t Be So Sure... Understanding what it means to be organisationally ready to embrace change is critical to the success of any change initiative. BY RAY PENDLETON I f your organisation is responsive, flexible and proactive when it comes to change – read no further – and let us know how you’ve done it! If, though, like the majority of organisations you’re following, you’re seeing that, initiative after initiative, system implementation after system implementation, none of it sticks, there may be a reason for this. It’s critical to understand that creating the right environment is important for change to ‘stick’. Is your organisation ready for change? One of the biggest learning points, from working with our clients over the last couple of years, has been the understanding of what we call ‘organisational readiness’ – an organisation’s readiness, willingness, and ability to initiate and embed change – and the disparity that often exists between the reality that the leader sees, and the reality the rest of the organisation experiences. May 2015 23