Accelerate May 2015 - Page 17

Mobility T he biggest challenge this year, in terms of Talent Mobility is, without doubt, successful repatriation of retuning Secondees. This was a big challenge for us last year and will remain so during 2015. been increased, there is less need for these skilled expatriates to remain on assignment as the local workforce starts to take over these technical roles and as managers start to develop and work their way through the ranks. Historically, the issue has been one of sending talented individuals on assignment, but with planning for repatriation as an afterthought. Given the way our industry has developed, over the last few years, there was a clear need to send talented and highly skilled employees to new and developing markets. Clearly, this is a classic case of assignments termed “Skills Gap”. While this has a tremendous (positive) effect on the balance sheet of the OpCo by reducing numbers of high cost expatriates, it means that these individuals become ‘at risk’ and they need our support to help repatriate them in a positive way. This cadre of skilled expatriates has established both management practices and transfer of technical know