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the takeaway message and key points that you would want your audience to remember from your speech. After delivering your speech, you have been approached by representatives from Oracle (Oracle Financials) and Microsoft (Microsoft Dynamics) regarding your key points. From the second e- Activity, evaluate how your message can be used to enhance their product line and vision Week 11 Discussion 2 "Lo rVB"V6R&W7BFFRfvsWfVFRFRFF&VR66WG26fW&VBF26W'6RFB&fFV@FR7BfVRFRBrR֖vB6'&FRF6R66WG0"&6W76W2FW"7W'&VB""gWGW&RVFVf'2WfVFRFRFF&VR66WG2F26W'6RFBRfVBFff7V@F6&VVB&6R&V6VFFFFRWF"bFPFWF&rR6R6VBfRFRFB&6W72"66W@V6W"FVFW'7F@