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The Union Soup Kitchen is a non-profit organization that collects, stores, prepares and provides food to the homeless in Erie, Pennsylvania. Donations of food are recorded in a database and a receipt is provided to the donor. When food is used, the database is updated so that it always reflects the amounts and types of food that are available. In a data flow diagram, which type of symbol would be used to represent the flow of data from the donor into the system? . Question 12 . A flowchart that depicts the relationships among the input, processing, and output of an AIS is . Question 13 . In a data flow diagram of the customer payment process, "Customer payment" will appear above or in . Question 14 . In general, a data destination will be shown by . Question 15 . In preparing a DFD, when data are transformed through a process, the symbol used should be . Question 16 . When the human resources manager wants to gather data about vacation and personal day usage by employees and by departments, the manager would use which language? . Question 17 . The potential inconsistency that could occur when there are multiple occurrences of a specific data item in a database is called the . Question 18 . The schema that provides an organization-wide view of the entire database is known as the . Question 19 . The database requirement that foreign keys must be null or have a value corresponding to the value of a primary key in another table is formally called the . Question 20 .