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ACC 564 Week 9 Quiz 4 Question 1 Shandra Bundawi is a new graduate who has been hired by an old- line, family-owned furniture manufacturing company in the northeast. She has been asked to analyze the company's accounting information system and to recommend cost-effective improvements. After noting that the production and sales departments use database systems that are entirely separated, she recommends that they be combined. Implementation of her recommendation would benefit the company by contributing to data Question 2 Record layouts, definitions, addresses, and indexes will be stored at the ________ level schema. Question 3 The database requirement that foreign keys must be null or have a value corresponding to the value of a primary key in another table is formally called the Question 4 The ________ handles the link between the way data are physically stored and each user's logical view of that data. Question 5 The combination of the database, the DBMS, and the application programs that access the database through the DBMS is referred to as the Question 6 Which type of payroll report includes the details of the current paycheck and deductions as well as year-to-date totals? Question 7