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What is the key difference between the MRP and JIT inventory management approaches? Question 17 A(n) ________ system posts an approved invoice to the vendor account and stores it in an open invoice file until payment is made by check. Question 18 Bob Chum is the sales manager at Folding Squid Technologies. At lunch with the company CEO, he proudly announced that he had received a ________ from a client to buy a large quantity of components from Folding Squid. Question 19 One of the basic activities in the expenditure cycle is the receiving and storage of goods, supplies, and services. What is the counterpart of this activity in the revenue cycle? Question 20 One of the major responsibilities of the receiving department is ----------------------------------------------------------------- ACC 564 Week 9 DQ 1 Systems Analysis and DQ 2 AIS FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT ACC 564 Week 9 Discussion Questions – Week 9 Discussion 1 "Systems Analysis" Please respond to the following: