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Question 10 An auditor manually calculates accumulated depreciation on a delivery van and compares her calculation with accounting records. This is an example collecting audit evidence by Question 11 Key differences exist when an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) replaces an existing AIS or legacy system. For example, ________ are more accurate and timely, enabling sales order entry staff to provide customers more accurate information about delivery dates. Question 12 A way to incorporate the advantages of Electronic Data Interchange with the Electronic Funds Transfer is Question 13 How is credit approval generally handled for established customers with a documented payment history? Question 14 The manager of Callow Youth Clothing was entering an order online from Sad Clown Pajamas. He ordered 100 one-size fits all pajama bottoms, but when he ordered 1000 one-size fits all pajama tops, the following error message popped up: "Did you mean to enter a quantity of 1000 for your order?" This message is the result of a Question 15 The activities involved in soliciting and processing customer orders within the revenue cycle are known as the ________. Question 16